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Smartwall R-02 Banner Stand Set-Up Instructions

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Nimlok Banner Stands

Banner stands are one of the most convenient and most portable kind of displays suited for any kind of event. They can be used as a display solution for product image display and messaging, in environments like office lobbies, conferences, trade shows and other corporate events. They can also be used in airports, retail stores, trade fairs, outdoor events and more. Nimlok high-quality banner stands come in three types – Rollup Retractable, “Smart” Cassette-Style & Fabric Non-Retractable Backwall. All of Our banner stand graphics are printed with the latest printing machines to satisfy clients with vivid graphics and clear messaging. We have a wide range of banner stand options to choose from, giving you an easier time to find the right banner stand that suits your budget.

rollup retractable banner stands (vinyl/fabric/polyester)

Rollup banner stands upon dismantle can easily be rolled down to its casing, which is the base unit that also serves as protection for the graphics during storage or conveyance. We offer retractable banner stand graphics that are vinyl, fabric, or polyester based materials. For added portability and protection, our banner stands come in durable carry cases.

cassette-style “smart” banner stands (vinyl/fabric/polyester)

Cassette-style “Smart” banner stands dismantle just like of the rollup banners which can be rolled down within the casing of a base unit. These type of banner allows you to have more flexibility as you can easily change out the cassette over and over again to show different messages in each and every other event you will attend. These type of banner also come in vinyl, fabric, or polyester material based options.

fabric banners and backwalls

Fabric-based banner backwalls come in a wide range of style and they are more sophisticated alternative to other banner stands. These fabric banners and backwalls feature the best quality fabric graphics, printed from the latest printing technology, sewn and polished by Nimlok’s graphic and printing skilled professionals.